The Real Deal

So part of me has always grappled with Teal Swan and I couldn’t figure out exactly why. This video is the real stuff. She cuts through most of her teachings (which are about the surface layer of spirituality: how to master your reality,) and talks about how to surrender to the universe. This goes beyond cultivating happiness— this is about ending suffering. It is one of the most beautiful and raw videos I have ever seen about spirituality.

Waking up


To me the term “waking up” means becoming aware of the sentience of the universe. It is happening to me in stages. It’s like the truth is being peeled back from a rosebud pedal by pedal until one day it will stand before me an open blossom. My first wakeup call was subtle and gradual. It happened when I transferred from Clemson University to George Washington University and met Continue reading

Joe Rogan- Dumb People & Negative Energy

Although I am uncomfortable with the word “dumb” as it is used here, this is a great expression of the negative spiral we so often get caught up in. It is so hard for us to see our contexts when we are immersed in them… and so hard to extricate ourselves from them. But the first step towards doing so is becoming aware of them. This video made me starkly aware of some changes I needed to make in my life. Maybe it can help you too!