A Critique of Psychosis


Hi Everyone. The following is an academic paper I wrote about Schizophrenia (it is not too dry… I promise!) It proposes an alternative view of the disorder than that which we are most accustomed to in our medical society. I am also open to and WELCOME any feedback, especially from people who have experienced psychosis/ spiritual emergence, or have someone close to them who has gone through this, as I have been in neither position myself. I think this way of holding mental illness is the most humane and harm-reducing way of doing so, considering extreme states are such a mystery in the first place.  Yet I am open to the possibility that I may be romanticizing the experience of psychoses, and that the experience of going through it or being with someone going through it is much harder to navigate than I make it out to be. Enjoy… Continue reading

A List of Untranslateable Words

One of my deepest obsessions is with words- and how they can hold so much meaning within them. They come laced with implications, associations, and historical contexts… they are charged with positive or negative connotations… They are gendered and multifaceted and can induce entire sensory experiences.

The following is a list of words that do not exist in the english language. They speak to the variation of reality between different cultures, and they make us aware of phenomenon that we wouldn’t ordinarily recognize, because they lacks their own terms in our language, but that are simply beautiful.

Credit to my friend Matt Sperry for showing this list to me!