Can you call it rape if he makes you an omelette in the morning?


A terrific article about the ambiguous boundary of date rape. Although rape is stigmatized as being attacked by a stranger in a dark alleyway at gunpoint, it is much more frequently this insidious, constant, and normalized phenomenon that is hard to identify as rape. More to come on this topic in an upcoming post…

Can You Call it ‘Rape’ If He Makes You an Omelet in the Morning?

Miss Representation!


A totally inspiring documentary on the misrepresentation of women in the media. This film does a great job deconstructing the subliminal messages that we receive from the media every day about women. We are reminded that we are, in fact, three-dimensional, soulful creatures, worthy of so much more. This beautiful documentary is more than fair, and entirely fact-based.
Watch it online free, here:

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Reclaiming Sexual Agency

“I do not wish women to have control over men; but over themselves” -Mary Shelley


I admire the wax sitting crusted in your ear and the old makeup curdled in the corner of your eye. I want to smell your stale breath that is cultivated from your intense sadness, or indulgence in fast-paced inspiration or reminisce. After long-drawn tears Continue reading