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Teal Scott is gifted with extra-sensory perception. She has used her special ability to help improve the quality of life for people all over this planet by sharing her insights on her youtube channel, The Spiritual Catalyst. And a spiritual Catalyst she is indeed! Each week she addresses a new topic by request. This is just one of her videos. Teal’s love, compassion, and sincere mission to help evolve our civilization come through all of her videos.


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“If you can imagine it, it’s real” said Pablo Picasso. If you can feel something, it’s real, I might add. I am doing what I believe in, by writing this blog. To censor myself, to write about things other than what I care about and to deny my readers the content about which I am ardent is to defeat the purpose of this blog entirely. This blog is about expanding consciousness. It is about the evolution Continue reading