The quotation in the header is an excerpt from a talk given by Terence Mckenna called Psilocybin and the Sands of Time. The entire thought goes like this:

“The goal of the past four thousand years has been to invert the relationship of body and soul. So that the body becomes an image in the imagination. And the soul becomes an exteriorized solid-state piece of circuitry which maintains everything else in stasis…I think that the destiny of man is release into the imagination. This is what all our after-death scenarios say and this is what poetry aspires to, art aspires to… So I believe that a technological recreation of the after-death state is what history pushes towards. And that means a kind of eternal existence where there is an ocean of mind into which one can dissolve and re-form from. But there is also the self, related to the body image but in the imagination. So that we each would become everyone. I would live at Versailles and you might live at the Taj Mahal. And someone else might live at Buckingham palace. But what one would see, if there were an exterior observer, is only that man had become a coral reef of circuitry on the planetary surface.

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So what does this quotation mean and what does it have to do with this blog? Well I’ll tell you my interpretation…
The Mckenna quotation addresses something that we are moving towards in this technological age— a shared consciousness, a shared database or great library of information. That it is not only the outside world that is shared space, but the inside as well. The inside being the more intimate of the two, and the external like an arena upon which we can enact the ideas conceived of within. My purpose in writing this blog is to pass on the insights I have encountered in my life that have awakened me to the sanctity of Earthly existence. I am opening up the lid of my mind so its contents can spill out and become part of the hodgepodge of elements (or ideas) that will inevitably collide together and bind and form new molecules and cells and eventually organisms with the ideas of you all. It is vital that we let down the guard of “property” with respect to ideas, and share them so we can co-create and evolve our civilization.

I am going fourth down an individualized path right now but my goal is to communicate my insights clearly enough so that any and all of you will find resonance with them. Because I believe that even though we are going through different physical experiences, that far enough down, we are all the same.

– Hallie

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