A Prayer


Dear Creator,

Please give us beings on Earth the strength and insight to introspect. So that we may make an honest evaluation of ourselves. So That we may identify the internal causes of our suffering and discontinue them, so we may come out of our misery. May we learn mindfulness so that we may see the beauty of the world. So that we may see cosmic patterns. So that we may know that we are not just helpless victims of circumstance, but that we have agency in a complex, purposeful, system. So that we may become lucid participatory members of this cosmological cohesion. In observing order may we become aware of a loving overmind. May we feel that love is at the base of everything. That it is the only thing that is constant and true, and that lack of love is only the product of misunderstanding. May we understand the law of nature and karma. May we not stray from it so that we don’t cause defilements in our minds, hearts, and bodies. May we renounce our agendas and ego, and take refuge in the law of nature, the script by which we are all bound. May we feel preeminence coursing through us. May we make ourselves vessels so that nature can transpire through us. As humans, may we realize our power to redirect energy. May we feel a responsibility to do so in a healthy way that maximizes the benefit it bestows, and maximizes the number of people who receive it. May we not hoard power or blessings. Because then it constipates the flow of energy through the universe, and we disintegrate in our attempt to hold on to it. Let us instead let it flow through us, toward its destiny.

May we remember that we are all integral parts of a whole. Like cells of a membrane or stitches of a fabric. That we are all interconnected and inter-dependent. May we feel a cosmic duty to take care of each other and look out for one another. To give back to society. May we remember that we cannot live without the help of others and that others cannot live without our help. i0020001This includes plants and animals and all the elements of our environment. Knowing our dependency on plants to give us oxygen and animals to give us food, and water to sustain us, may we have a deep respect for these creatures, and be grateful and humbled. May we then not exploit them, or compromise their quality of life to reap more personal benefit out of their lives. May we engender balance in everything we do. May we know that we can never cheat the system. That when our motivations are impure, that the ends will be impure as well, and that by trying to exploit the law of nature, we only inflict harm upon ourselves. May we know that when we harm others, the first person we hurt is ourselves. Before we harm others, the universe punishes us then and there by creating a painful defilement within our hearts. May we see that “selfishness and altruism are simultaneous. We are altruistic because we are selfish and our selfishness makes us recognize the mental poise that springs up from altruism.” If one contingent of the population is sick, may we recognize that we are sick as a whole, and may we feel a personal responsibility to offer aid to that part of ourselves. May we also feel a responsibility to minimize the pollution carboncyclewe put out into the atmosphere by way of unwholesome thought, world, or deed, so others don’t have to clean up after us. So we don’t infringe upon the peace and harmony of those around us.

May we have the determination to improve ourselves, and to persevere through all the trial and change that may bring upon our personal lives. May we discontinue habit patterns with negative karma that perpetuate poor health, attachment, selfishness, and small-mindedness within ourselves. May we let go of parasitic people that, like vampires, take advantage of us or suck our life energy without replenishing it. May we have the self-discipline to have mastery over our minds, so that we are not slaves to our impulses of lust, wrath, sloth, greed, pride, envy, or gluttony. So that we control our mind and it doesn’t control us. May we extricate ourselves from the contexts of our melodramas to examine the situation objectively, for what it is, so that we don’t find ourselves in an increasingly consuming cycle of emotional reaction that disempowers us and makes us miserable.

May we understand that we are all expressions of the same source of energy. May we recognize the same God in other people that we see in ourselves. May we, in observing our own fallibility, sympathize with other people who cross us in moments of insensitivity, self-absorption, eagerness, agenda, and vice. May we know that we are susceptible to and in fact guilty of those same forces. joe-rogan-dumb-people-negative-energyMay this make us mindful as we walk amongst others to be considerate, and may we forgive those whose mindless actions disrupt our peace and harmony. May we know that everyone is the agent of their own life and network of inter-personal connections. They are an axis around which spins a whole planet of associations and involvements. Their life and perspective is just as valuable and real as our own. Therefore, we need to share our resources with them. And when we take precious time out of our own lives to nourish them, may we feel that it is time well spent. May the wellbeing of others be our own peace of mind. And let us feel enriched by sharing with them. So that we do not live in a scarcity mindset where we feel our own bounty decrease by sharing it with others, but that it multiplies. May we feel that in working together the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

May we create together. And may our visions come together as multi-dimensional manifestations of the divine life force that pulses through us all. May we manifest the yet unborn energy that swims in our consciousness in dreams and visions. May we as artists, grab hold of it when it is still in an ambiguous, ephemeral state, and transcribe it and give it an earthly form so that it can grace our physical dimension and enhance the quality of life here. Like this may we be conduits. May we co-create with the energetic forces and facilitate the incarnation of holy entities here on earth.

When we ourselves are abused or when we see another being abused, may we have the most compassion for the aggressor. May we not villainize them. To villanize another disables understanding. Lack of understanding inhibits healing, eliminates all possibility of finding a solution, and stifles evolution. May we see that lack of understanding is the source of all problems in our world. Enlightenment means complete understanding. May we notice that there is a positive correlation between enlightenment and happiness. We never see a monk walking around indignant and cursing. In the face of an abuse done unto them they have only compassion, which is ultimate understanding. No one is both wise and miserable. May we realize that it is our ignorance that makes us miserable. That it makes us prisoners to ourselves. By not trying to understand, we erect walls that divide us from each other. And “no man is an island…” By isolating ourselves we disengage from the infinite source of creation that flows like the Ganges. May we, instead of oversimplifying those who aggress us as pure evil, try to understand their perspective. May we have a healing attitude towards everything, recognizing all others not as “other” but as kin. May we not erect pride to create an “us versus them” dichotomy, but remember that we are of the same team, all striving toward the same goal of human goodness. May we, instead of seeing distinction, see only continuity, like a full-circled spectrum across the planet.

May we remember the golden rule of physics that every action has a reaction of equal force in the opposite direction. In that vein, may wage only peace, so that we can expect peace in return. May we understand that our psyche is the origin of our reality. May we observe the crippling effect of fear, and the fertility of belief. Observing the crippling effects that such fear campaigns as the news have on our consciousness, may we turn off the news. May we surround ourselves only with influences that enable us to see possibility rather than impossibility. May we remember that the future will fulfill itself in the image of our psyche. Therefore let us foster an empowered imagination of peace and beauty and we can expect a future of that quality. When we plant seeds, may we remember that they will bear fruit of the same quality in multiplied quantities. Therefore let us plant fruits of peace. We can only expect that the repercussions mirror our actions. Let us know that we can never create peace through violence. The outcome will only be of the nature of the example we set here and now. May we realize that the future is only the accumulation of the now, from moment to moment. So if we want to secure a peaceful future, we must implement peace in this moment, and from moment to moment forevermore.

May we see the humanity in everyone. May we not censor ourselves for fear of not being understood by others. May we not belittle others or ourselves by talking only about “safe” content or withhold the true expression of ourselves. Instead may we know that as long as the other person is human, truth will resonate with them. May we be ourselves in everything we do. May we have the courage to follow our hearts. May we learn that when we suppress our true selves in attempt to please everybody, we end up pleasing no one, including ourselves. May we, by living true to ourselves even in the face of adversity, change reality as we know it. May we change reality as it manifests in the social world. May we lead by example, and herald in the truth. imagesBecause people with whom our lifeway resonates, will fall into our footsteps and by this process of individual conversion, the entire landscape of society will change to be more in line with divine truth. May we not be afraid to be true, knowing that nature will cradle us. Nature will support us, always.

May we serve each others’ highest selves. May we remember that each one of us is an effervescent, iridescent, ebbing, multi-dimensional miracle… pic_gallery-herzerbeauty incarnate. May we treat each other as such, so that that supreme identity will surface in us all. May we be conscious of all creatures of the earth whether they be human or non human, visible or invisible, far or near, whom we know, or whom we don’t know. May we especially be mindful of those whose form of expression is incommunicable with our own. May we never perceive them to be less sentient, or less real. For people who speak a different language than us, for those with no voice, for those who dress differently or have different cultural traditions, may we never assume that they are less human than ourselves, that they are less smart, or less feeling. May we develop the ability to displace our perspectives from ourselves and replace it in the shoes of the other, and by doing so, develop some understanding.

May we have respect and reverence for all things of the natural world, and may we be humbled as we take the time to listen and be aware of the elements around us. May we learn the art of listening. May we lay down our compulsion to be right all the time. May we accept that we don’t know the answer 99% of the time. Instead of occupying the air talking about what we don’t know, let us listen, and speak only when we have something to say from the heart. In silence and stillness may we become sensitive to the phenomenon taking place at a subtler level, and thus may we become privy to beings less overt than ourselves. May we become aware of subtler truths that affect our lives, and may we honor them. As we become pure at a deeper level, more of the universe reveals itself to us, and beauty and peace abound. May we always be students. And may the ego subside. May eagerness for a certain fixed realty subside, so that we may see the universe as it really is. May we become aware that everything is always changing. And thus may we loosen our attachment to things we cannot control. tumblr_llfk16bpD01qb2si6o1_500May we not be afraid of change, knowing that as long as we put ourselves out there, what is false will fall away and what is true will remain. Will we glorify in this. May we utilize every opportunity to open truth like pedals of a flower, to reinvent ourselves in the image of truth as it reveals itself to us. So that we can lead increasingly meaningful lives. May we make ourselves vulnerable to the elements, so that they may work on us, and restore us to order. May we strike a balance between objective observation of realty, and emotional equanimity regarding it. Although we cannot control the circumstances of life, may we realize that we can control how we react to them. May we deactivate our mechanism of reaction so that we don’t live in perpetual craving for some wanted thing that does not happen, or aversion towards some unwanted thing that happens.

May we take responsibility for ourselves and our own consciousness. May we learn that consciousness is the origin of our reality and therefore may we feel a responsibility to purify our consciousness, as individuals and as a society. May we value the noble pursuit of understanding how consciousness works so that we may learn how to free ourselves from the shackles of our own complexes. For anyone who has abused us, may we understand that they have done so only because they were lost, only out of ignorance. May we know that evil does not exist in the world, only ignorance. Therefore for perpetrators may we feel compassion, for the pain that weighs heavy on their souls in order to commit such an abuse in the first place. May we offer only rehabilitation, healing, and enlightenment so that they may reform themselves. And may we believe that no one is beyond redemption.May we alchemically convert any negative energy that is directed toward us into positive energy and goodwill that we put back into the atmosphere. Thus may we invert this world of darkness into one of light and beauty and freedom.

Thank you Creator for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me personally. May I use all the privileges and nourishment and good fortune I have been blessed with to give back to the world. Thank you for all of the resources that are available to us. May we know that for every imprisonment, addiction, suffering, there is a way out. May we all come into contact with the healing practices that set us free. May we follow the subtle compass of our heart and instinct, that we may strengthen this navigation tool, and be led to more and more possibilities of liberation. Thank you for the law of nature itself, for this flawless and all-encompassing system. Thank you for this breathtaking beauty. overnature.com-61May we dissolve the wool from our eyes so that we may see it, so that we may experience it on a visceral level. And may everyone on this planet share the merits, peace, and harmony I have encountered in my own life, and know love.


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