Readings by Malidoma Somé

So. Beautiful. Oh my God…

If you want a view into the indigenous wisdom that existed pre-colonization, read his books. To start with, I would recommend his autobiographical piece, Of Water and the Spirit. Somé is from the Dagara tribe of Burkina Faso in west Africa. In accordance with prophecy, he was kidnapped by missionaries in his youth, through which process he lost much of his connection with his tribal roots. Then when he was a young adult he returned home to remember, and be initiated in the medicinal ways of his people. “Malidoma” means he who makes friends with the enemy. With his Western education and traditional indigenous wisdom, Somé spans a bridge between the two worlds. He shares African indigenous wisdom with Westerners in a way they can understand. I had no idea JUST how rich and beautiful the pre-colonial world he depicts would be. It is incredible what magic has been lost. Reading his books is a beautiful way to reawaken our own tribal and shamanic memory, that lies just beneath the surface.



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