The Problem with Psychedelics


In retrospect, I realized an inherent problem with psychedelics. Although they were effective at waking me up, and making me starkly privy to my self-deception and to worldly corruptions, they do not provide an ever-open portal to these “truths.” I cannot call such insights truths because I do not have access to them all the time. I do not know them from first-hand experience at any and every moment. This is not the reality I live perpetually within, therefore I cannot call it mine. I cannot speak for it. I am granted a glance into it only when I am stoned. And when I am not, which is the majority of the time, the portal door closes,The-time-machine-or-teleport-portal-like-in-the-Fly-movieand the depth of that higher-level reality reverts until it becomes flush with the x/y axis of the banal two-dimensional reality of sober life… my heart pulsing to the same dull vibration of unmiraculous unfound beings.

But how to keep the portal door perpetually open? So that I can always be in that sophisticated reality? So that I can reach into it like a cupboard and pull out enlightened insights even as I stand before my companions of the lesser, physical realm, and bestow them upon them to improve the atmosphere here. So that I can be both places at once- this physical reality to which my form is bound, and the enlightened one which holds immense potential for the evolution and ascension of the physical one, so that the two may one day merge back together. The solution would be to change my physicality to permanently open new dimensions of my consciousness. To change my faculty of perception, to push the horizon of my “active” brain to encompass more than “ten percent” brian matter. To activate certain synaptic connections and sever the obsolete ones. So how to reprogram my brainwaves to tune-in to a higher frequency? How do I change my brain permanently? Why, I must change my behavior, to that of a more nobel existence, and my brain will evolve to meet it.

For me this means omission of the behavior that keeps me anchored in despair- of the habits I know are bad for me. It means making healthy choices- spending time with morally sound people, ceasing my indulgence in negative influences. It also means meditation, through which I can traverse the negative space between the two planes of reality- pushing the frontier of this one so the event horizons of the two spheres breach and open up to one another. Thus I make myself the bridge itself.

That is the key… to be the bridge oneself. That way the portal door does not close when the psilocybin wears off, or the THC, or the DMT, or whatever. This higher “truth” is not my truth if it is out of my reach. I must not pine over and insist upon the authenticity of something physically inaccessible- After all, I am a physical being, and I am bound to this reality. Although the truths that are revealed to me in the transparency of a psychedelic trip seem of supreme honesty, to become hung up on a disembodied existence, to obsess over the metaphysical, is to undercut oneself, for it is not realistic. We are corporeal beings- this is our legacy. We cannot deny the existence of our bodies with all of the matter that comprises it and its chemical levels that we find in our sober homeostasis. By manipulating our bodies we do ourselves no favors towards the end of finding enlightenment. Rather we must work from the vantage point of our physicality…embrace this framework, and use this vehicle as means towards encountering Truth. painter.jpg.htmlThis is why meditation is a vital tool. If instead of trying to escape the limitations of my sober body through psychedelics, I through meditation learn to transcend these perceived “limitations” and activate the divinity inherent in my incarnation, I can make myself living proof of the Truth. I would then rhetorically emulate to the outside world what my preaching sought to articulate. Then there would be no denying the divine. It would be there, for all to know and see first-hand. Then I would be grounded in both realities. Then I would be credible.

There is a danger in asserting theories for which the proof is inaccessible. To insist upon the reality of something which neither I nor those to whom I am talking can see, hear, smell, feel, or taste makes me certifiably crazy. Then I run the risk of being misunderstood or institutionalized.To insist upon a truth that is incomprehensible in fact creates a barrier between myself and those who I am trying to pull into the light. It is like the debilitating paranoia people derive from conspiracy theories for which the general public has no solid proof. The ranting and raving does me no good. Likewise to know of the truths seen in a psychedelic trip does me no good if I cannot effectively communicate them, and apply them to “real” life. To communicate these insights I must bridge the gap between the metaphysical and the physical realms myself, with my own body. I must be dependent on nothing but my natural inheritance, which will always be with me. Then the truth will never elude me, for it will never be separate from me in time nor space.

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