United States of Tara


I must be a little slow on the uptake because I JUST discovered United States of Tara! Oh my god… I am a total groupie. Not only is this show hilarious, with outstanding acting from some of my faves, wildly entertaining, and with witty writing, but it actually brings mental illness to mainstream pop culture… Woohoo!! I have so much gratitude for the way this show humanizes Dissociative Identity Disorder (more commonly known as Multiple Personality Disorder.) Watching this, I became not only fascinated with D.I.D., but could really appreciate what a kind of impact this disorder can have on someone and his or her family. The disorder, as portrayed by the fabulous Toni Collette, is so trippy, and really messed with my sensory perception of reality. When that happens, I know I’m onto something real.

It can be watched on Netflix!

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