Palpable internal growth, feels good. **

It’s funny… I was rereading what I had written at the beginning of my time here and realizing how much my view has shifted. That’s the beautiful thing about a blog, that it’s time-bound. And if there’s one constant variable it’s time. The medium really revolves around that. It’s the template you use if you want to examine how your mind changes over a period of time. And for that, I think  its perfect for this trip. At the beginning I was so pegado (stuck) in my point of view- seeing everything from the world from whence I came: the academic one, the modern one, the intellectual and analytical one, the one where everyone is the center of their own universe and competes so ruthlessly to “be right, you’re wrong”. In my earlier writings I sound so sure of myself and like I have made up my mind and like everything is stable and not fluid. But here I find myself comfortable with being dislocated. I feel like I can acknowledge the complexity and the delicacy of the situation, how these people can be flawed but simultaneously transcend the fault of their flaws with the love they radiate in being human and in being so loving. I am not so dogmatic in my views anymore. I realize I am subject to the same conditioning that catches and reels people in to pockets of culture like a net, keeping them there, and reinforcing a world-view, brewing in a cauldron. I have relinquished my stronghold on western ideology and started to confide in their medical remedies. And everything is somewhere in the middle, in the indistinguishable, undefinable in one term,  gray area. But reigning over all the sociological analysis upon which I was so intent when I first got here, is the love I get from these people and that I feel towards them. So what if their sense of humor is different from mine and I didn’t find it funny, if their interests lie in different areas (it doesn’t make them less intrinsically interesting), if their standards for family politics are different? It matters less whose right and who is wrong. Let patience guide you and debunk your ego from the drivers seat.

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