Neurodiversity: working as a privileged helper with an underprivileged client


This article completely rocked my world. It reframes autism, what we often term a disability, as an internal reality as valid as the normative consensual reality. It questions where the problem lies: are these people really defective, or is it the society that is problematic? Ours is a society that discredits the informed perspectives of diverse populations, and oppresses the people behind them.

Toward a Neurocosmopolitan Society

Spiritual Emergence/ Emergencies


This is something everybody needs to read. It is about, what is termed spiritual emergence, or spiritual emergencies. These are experiences that are often diagnosed as psychosis, mental illness, disability, or pathology by the medical community, yet are experienced by the subjects as contact with higher sources or the divine. These types of experiences have been widely accepted by tribal and shamanic communities for millennia, as initiatory steps for someone entering the role of a healer or revered guide within the community. But these experiences, and the people having them, have been horrifically oppressed in our western society.

Spiritual Emergencies: Understanding and Treatment of Psychospiritual Crises

Can you call it rape if he makes you an omelette in the morning?


A terrific article about the ambiguous boundary of date rape. Although rape is stigmatized as being attacked by a stranger in a dark alleyway at gunpoint, it is much more frequently this insidious, constant, and normalized phenomenon that is hard to identify as rape. More to come on this topic in an upcoming post…

Can You Call it ‘Rape’ If He Makes You an Omelet in the Morning?