A List of Untranslateable Words

One of my deepest obsessions is with words- and how they can hold so much meaning within them. They come laced with implications, associations, and historical contexts… they are charged with positive or negative connotations… They are gendered and multifaceted and can induce entire sensory experiences.

The following is a list of words that do not exist in the english language. They speak to the variation of reality between different cultures, and they make us aware of phenomenon that we wouldn’t ordinarily recognize, because they lacks their own terms in our language, but that are simply beautiful.

Credit to my friend Matt Sperry for showing this list to me!


Charlie Chaplin Speech

An inspiring ethos juxtaposed with powerful images will blow you out of the water! It’s a speech about self-empowerment- about being a human being and not a commodity. About not objectifying oneself. Abount not selling one’s soul.

It is about thinking for oneself! It is about reviving the heart which has become divorced from the mind. It is about the danger of learning a skill without a moral and ethical code with which to apply it.

Tell ’em Charlie!

Credit to my friend Pat Miller for showing me this!

Neil Degrasse Tyson

Ever felt disenchanted with science as it is taught in school? The monotonous material-bound reality that sucks all mystery from the plants and stars you experienced firsthand as a wide-eyed child?

Neil Degrasse Tyson shows us that science need not be divorced from magic. They are mutually inclusive! Take it from a world-renowned astrophysicist:

Joe Rogan- Dumb People & Negative Energy

Although I am uncomfortable with the word “dumb” as it is used here, this is a great expression of the negative spiral we so often get caught up in. It is so hard for us to see our contexts when we are immersed in them… and so hard to extricate ourselves from them. But the first step towards doing so is becoming aware of them. This video made me starkly aware of some changes I needed to make in my life. Maybe it can help you too!