Reclaiming Sexual Agency

“I do not wish women to have control over men; but over themselves” -Mary Shelley


I admire the wax sitting crusted in your ear and the old makeup curdled in the corner of your eye. I want to smell your stale breath that is cultivated from your intense sadness, or indulgence in fast-paced inspiration or reminisce. After long-drawn tears Continue reading

Restaurant from the host stand

I work as a hostess in a restaurant. The other night as I was working I realized that the song that was playing was one that had played the night before, and even hours before. And it was repetitive to me, but it was new to the customers who aren’t here every night. Then I realized the “lifespan” of the restaurant. How all the elements of the interior decorating (the lighting, the music, the hum of voices, the smell of food, etc) and all other elements of “activity” contribute to give off the illusion of a pulsating life within this space.

snow globe yo

I thought about Continue reading