A First Glance at Playa Muerto

In every jumbled-spanish phrase I utter, in every gesture I make, gaze I cast, I am ever-conscious that this is just the beginning. Making acquaintance, and in the context of a 200-person population, and the lifespan of three months, this is the very VERY beginning. Depth will be uncovered in pockets of conversation, will accumulate gradually, and perhaps Continue reading

The nature of transit and Venturing off the grid

I find myself on another bus, back in the state of being in transit. This time, I am on a treasure hunt to find an indigenous civilization… A village of Embera Wounaan people in the Darien region of Panama. I literally awoke in the middle of the night a few weeks ago while I was in Puerto Viejo, knowing exactly what I must do. I was in a state of such clarity, and in that moment I realized that I needed to find the indigenous Continue reading