When in Costa Rica, Clara and I had the opportunity to visit a local elementary school. We met the english teacher there… he proceeded to sit down at the back of the classroom and say, “Pretend I am not here. You guys take over.” We taught an entire day’s worth of classes. Clara pulled out her guitar and started singing some songs for the kids. During one class the students started pushing one of their classmates to the front, urging him to sing. Apparently he knew every Journey song by heart. Clara was able to feel out the chords to “Don’t Stop Believing” and together they made a magical duet!

Exceptional People and The Driving Away Effect

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge the phenomenon of encountering exceptional people. Chemistry does not declare its arrival in the first instant. At least not audibly. But the heart murmurs somewhere deep inside, and if you listen to it, you can unveil its song. This is how I felt when I first met Fernando. How are there people with whom one jives so flawlessly? Form whom you have to explain nothing of the context Continue reading

Puerto Viejo

As for Puerto Viejo, I feel like I missed the bull’s eye. I landed in Costa Rica when I should have landed in Peru. From afar, I didn’t realize the stark contrast between Central and South America. I feel like I am in Rasta land. I am in the Caribbean, where the west African influence has infused with tropical culture. A new type of black people. Coconuts and pineapple and fish and Continue reading