Learning how to sing Shamanically

By shamanically, I mean singing to commune with the unseen realms. This can look like channeling or invoking spirits, creating psychic openings, inducing altered states, facilitating the movement of energy towards healing and balance, or communicating with other forces such as nature spirits, ancestors, collective energies, etc. The sounds I was making at the end of the video brought up my own stuff so I cut if off! haha. Guess it worked.

Pooping in Public


poopourigirlsdontpoopWhen I started grad school for counseling psychology three years ago I started having all these dreams about pooping in public. Someone was always poking their head out from above the adjacent stall to talk to me, or there was no stall door at all, or the door was so short you could see everything but about a foot of my torso. What I took away from these dreams was that I was doing so much inter-personal processing in my training that was exposing so much of what for years I had kept hidden from others… Continue reading

A Critique of Psychosis


Hi Everyone. The following is an academic paper I wrote about Schizophrenia (it is not too dry… I promise!) It proposes an alternative view of the disorder than that which we are most accustomed to in our medical society. I am also open to and WELCOME any feedback, especially from people who have experienced psychosis/ spiritual emergence, or have someone close to them who has gone through this, as I have been in neither position myself. I think this way of holding mental illness is the most humane and harm-reducing way of doing so, considering extreme states are such a mystery in the first place.  Yet I am open to the possibility that I may be romanticizing the experience of psychoses, and that the experience of going through it or being with someone going through it is much harder to navigate than I make it out to be. Enjoy… Continue reading

A Prayer


Dear Creator,

Please give us beings on Earth the strength and insight to introspect. So that we may make an honest evaluation of ourselves. So That we may identify the internal causes of our suffering and discontinue them, so we may come out of our misery. May we learn mindfulness so that we may see the beauty Continue reading

The Responsibility Series: Going head-to-head with the Ego

Samurai1-dl_jpg_610x343_crop_upscale_q85 As one can gather, the awareness that arises from introspection comes with great responsibility. Knowing that we can convert ourselves to healthier, more proactive versions of ourselves, we feel an impending pressure to do so. And we soon discover how much work this undertaking entails, which can be quite daunting.

I was watching The Biggest Loser Continue reading