The Responsibility Series: Going head-to-head with the Ego

Samurai1-dl_jpg_610x343_crop_upscale_q85 As one can gather, the awareness that arises from introspection comes with great responsibility. Knowing that we can convert ourselves to healthier, more proactive versions of ourselves, we feel an impending pressure to do so. And we soon discover how much work this undertaking entails, which can be quite daunting.

I was watching The Biggest Loser Continue reading

The Responsibility Series: Waking up

I had an epiphany once where I realized the correlation between depression and one’s sense that he lacks control over his life, and between happiness and the sense that he has control over it. imgres

And this ties into this conversation about responsibility because taking personal responsibility is the pivot between the sense that the universe acts autonomously: that you are just a kite in the current of her schizophrenic temper, battered by circumstance…and the sense that you are the kite runner yourself, working with nature to choreograph each motion of your life. Continue reading

Waking up


To me the term “waking up” means becoming aware of the sentience of the universe. It is happening to me in stages. It’s like the truth is being peeled back from a rosebud pedal by pedal until one day it will stand before me an open blossom. My first wakeup call was subtle and gradual. It happened when I transferred from Clemson University to George Washington University and met Continue reading

The Problem with Psychedelics


In retrospect, I realized an inherent problem with psychedelics. Although they were effective at waking me up, and making me starkly privy to my self-deception and to worldly corruptions, they do not provide an ever-open portal to these “truths.” I cannot call such insights truths because I do not have access to them all the time. I do not know them from first-hand Continue reading