Learning how to sing Shamanically

By shamanically, I mean singing to commune with the unseen realms. This can look like channeling or invoking spirits, creating psychic openings, inducing altered states, facilitating the movement of energy towards healing and balance, or communicating with other forces such as nature spirits, ancestors, collective energies, etc. The sounds I was making at the end of the video brought up my own stuff so I cut if off! haha. Guess it worked.

A Powerful Video against Vaccines

Wow… before this video, I had no idea how detrimental vaccines can be. I was also unaware of just how much they are being forced on people, and young children. This is like something out of a horror sci-fi movie! Know your rights! They tell you that vaccines for your children are mandatory, but there are exemptions for every state. Check the exemptions. Too many children have died or become terminally ill with autoimmune diseases to not be appalled by this information. I want to stress that today more than ever, we need to trust ourselves. Have trust in the healing capacity of your body. Your body and its immune system are intrinsically perfect. If you are a healthy person, you have absolutely no reason to get vaccinated. The reason we are so sick as a nation is because we pump our kids full of highly-processed food. Our water is polluted, our air is polluted, we are living in a toxic dump. If we want to stay healthy, the way to do it is to eat healthy, and to live as healthy of a lifestyle as possible. Know that your mind-body system is the most intelligent system that exists. It is far better at fending of disease if we take care of it, than the antibodies supposedly created by vaccines. Don’t let propaganda convince you that you are inherently weak as a species, and don’t ever give away your human rights over your own body. Vaccines are the most intrusive, abusive thing in our day and age. Retain agency over your own body and that of your children.

Duncan Trussell interviews Dr. Christopher Ryan

Dr. Chris Ryan is the author of Sex at Dawn, a book that challenges our cultural conventions about sex from an anthropological standpoint. In this interview, he shares many interesting facts about the sexual history of our species, and about alternative sexual practices cross-culturally.

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