Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner


Amazing movie made about Native people, by Native people. Most films about Native Americans are produced by White filmmakers and make Native people out to be one-dimensional characters like the primitive, unsophisticated, caveman-like Tontos, savage warriors, mysterious shamans and witch doctors, exotic native women, and mythological creatures of the past. This movie however, was produced by an all-native team and has no colonial filters, nor elements of white America. The characters are complex and human as they should be. The film tells the tale of an Inuit legend, while also being a love story. It is a beautiful view into Inuit life hundreds of years ago. Enjoy…

The Fast Runner

Reel Injun

Best documentary I have seen in a long time. It’s about how Native people have been portrayed in film over time, and how this has impacted people’s perception of them, including Native people’s perception of themselves. Poignant, hilarious, and fierce!!

A Powerful Video against Vaccines

Wow… before this video, I had no idea how detrimental vaccines can be. I was also unaware of just how much they are being forced on people, and young children. This is like something out of a horror sci-fi movie! Know your rights! They tell you that vaccines for your children are mandatory, but there are exemptions for every state. Check the exemptions. Too many children have died or become terminally ill with autoimmune diseases to not be appalled by this information. I want to stress that today more than ever, we need to trust ourselves. Have trust in the healing capacity of your body. Your body and its immune system are intrinsically perfect. If you are a healthy person, you have absolutely no reason to get vaccinated. The reason we are so sick as a nation is because we pump our kids full of highly-processed food. Our water is polluted, our air is polluted, we are living in a toxic dump. If we want to stay healthy, the way to do it is to eat healthy, and to live as healthy of a lifestyle as possible. Know that your mind-body system is the most intelligent system that exists. It is far better at fending of disease if we take care of it, than the antibodies supposedly created by vaccines. Don’t let propaganda convince you that you are inherently weak as a species, and don’t ever give away your human rights over your own body. Vaccines are the most intrusive, abusive thing in our day and age. Retain agency over your own body and that of your children.

What to do when someone is having a mental health crisis on the street

Thank you!!! Services exist for people in need of a mental health crisis intervention, who would not be best served by calling 911. If you see someone in distress, but you know the police will just criminalize them, call one of the networks listed on this blog post. They have compassionate trained specialists, who know how to take care of people’s safety, without jeopardizing their legal wellbeing. These resources are for the San Francisco Bay area.

What to do when someone is having a mental health crisis on the street

The Business of Being Born

If you have not yet seen this documentary, you need to. The medical industry and the media have convinced us that we need hospital intervention to give birth, and in particular, that we need cesarian sections because the babies are in danger if they come out any other way. Educate yourself about hospital’s hidden agendas behind pushing a cesarian section on you. Birth is not a medical procedure or a surgery… it is not something to expedite or sedate… It is the most beautiful and transcendent process a human being can go through. Women have been giving birth naturally for millennia. Don’t let the medical community convince you that you are not healthy enough or capable enough to do it on your own. Learn about the competence of midwives, and reduce your own fear and stigma about home births.

A Critique of Psychosis


Hi Everyone. The following is an academic paper I wrote about Schizophrenia (it is not too dry… I promise!) It proposes an alternative view of the disorder than that which we are most accustomed to in our medical society. I am also open to and WELCOME any feedback, especially from people who have experienced psychosis/ spiritual emergence, or have someone close to them who has gone through this, as I have been in neither position myself. I think this way of holding mental illness is the most humane and harm-reducing way of doing so, considering extreme states are such a mystery in the first place.  Yet I am open to the possibility that I may be romanticizing the experience of psychoses, and that the experience of going through it or being with someone going through it is much harder to navigate than I make it out to be. Enjoy… Continue reading

Resource if you or someone you know is experiencing a psychotic break

Hi everyone, The below link is a vitally important resource for anyone experiencing a psychotic break. There are different ways of viewing psychotic breaks, or psychosis. Here in the United States, nonordinary states of consciousness are hugely stigmatized and pathologized. From an experiential perspective however, nonordinary states can be spiritually meaningful, profound, and undoubtedly real. But they can also be frightening because for one thing, the nonordinary reality is highly incompatible with consensual reality, and those who subscribe to consensual reality are not only unreceptive to nonordinary reality, but can actively restrain, disempower, and even criminalize someone who is experiencing it. You may want to communicate what you are experiencing and get help, but you may not want to reach out to those who we think of as the obvious first choice for crisis intervention: 911. Being involuntarily confined and sedated is probably the LAST thing you want when in such a vulnerable state. However for most of us, it is the only option we know. Instead, I am posting this resource for those of you who may be going through this type of thing, and are seeking an enlightened community to support you:

The Spiritual Emergence Network